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RBH Roofing Maintenance

Every capital asset has an effective performance life – the period of time it can be expected to perform efficiently and effectively.

Twenty-five years is the typical life expectancy of a new roof, with some that are properly maintained lasting for more than 45 years. In our demanding climate, moisture penetration is the number one reason for roof problems and without early detection and repair a 25 year roof can fail in less than ten.

Regular maintenance can double the effective performance life of a roof, saving you time and considerable expense.

RBH Roofing Maintenance saves you money!

Assume the asphalt/gravel roof on your 25,000-square-foot facility has a 20-year life expectancy at a replacement cost of $250,000. If your roof fails at year 19, you must spend $12,500 (your roof cost/year) plus interest on the new roof investment.
Arrange for a free inspection to save yourself from a premature roof replacement. . A typical roof maintenance cost on the same roof is usually less than 1,000. Using our 20-year roof as an example, this investment of $1,000 would pay for itself more than 20 times over by not having to replace the roof before schedule.

RBH Roofing Maintenance saves you time, money and needless worry!

Most re-roofing projects come as an unexpected shock as well as an unanticipated expense not to mention the disruption to your business and home. With RBH Roofing's Roof Maintenance Agreement, you prolong your investment and protect your assets while you control expenditures. Let us show you how!

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